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Essential Elements of an E-learning Course [Infographic]

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In the e-learning context, presenting relevant information alone is not enough. An e-learning course should adhere to Instructional Design principles so that learning is effective and motivates learners to leverage the fullest benefit of the course. There are a few elements such as being aimed at a specific target audience, having measurable learning objectives, authentic content, assessments, and tracking learner progress that can make an e-learning course complete.

To know about these elements in detail, check out our infographic below.

Essential Elements of an E-learning Course [Infographic]

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  • Peter Janzow

    This is a good summary – thanks for sharing. I would add that learner recognition is also an important end point in the process, and provides reinforcement for progression of learning while also demonstrating to learners that the organization is investing in their development. IBM has shown that its recognition programs (though its digital badge strategy) are producing remarkable improvements in attracting, retaining and progressing talent.