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5 Elements that Make Your eLearning Courses Effective

The objective of an eLearning course is to provide an engaging learning experience to the end user. There are certain elements that make e-learning truly interactive. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Learning Objects:

Learning objects are all those elements that help create the learning material of a course. They can be in the form of content, visuals and components.


Videos complement the learning that takes place in an online course and breaks the monotony of assimilating large content. They are especially useful when creating courseware on topics such as “online product training programs” or “safety practices.”


Using graphics for interactivities or for courseware makes the course easier to understand and helps learners retain the subject matter better. This is particularly true of product or process training courses.


Audio is an integral part of the e-learning courseware. It helps learners stay focused during the course. Detailed explanations are best given orally with key concepts mentioned in the visuals. Adding music wherever possible enriches the course content and helps learners to use both their right and left brain.

Interactivities and Games:

Interactivities are used in the course to invoke the interest of learners and to get them involved in the course content. Adults love games as much as kids do. Incorporating them into the eLearning courseware helps make the course effective, especially when you need to test the understanding of learners.

Technology is changing very fast and each day new creative elements are being incorporated to make learning more engaging, effective and entertaining. Do you know of any innovative elements that can be incorporated into an eLearning course? If so, we would be happy to hear them from you.

Is Your Training Material Ready for eLearning?