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3 Major Organizational Challenges and their Solutions for Successful eLearning Implementation [Infographic]

Do you find it difficult to decide between cakes, chocolates, donuts, or ice creams? We understand that, as a training manager, you may find it difficult to decide between traditional classroom training and online learning, especially if traditional classroom training has been your primary training method for a long time. Let me tell you that eLearning is a simple way to train employees in an organization as it reduces the cost and time and can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.

Do you believe you can successfully integrate eLearning in your company? If not, here’s how to go about it. You can have a viable plan for integrating eLearning throughout the organization, depending on the learning requirements of the workforce. You must plan and identify the various areas where training is required if you want your eLearning to be successful.

Although eLearning has great potential, there are a number of implementation challenges that organizations must overcome particularly those that are new to eLearning. Continue reading the blog to learn about the most typical challenges and the prominent solution given for them.

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3 Typical Challenges and Their Solutions

1. Course Development

An organization needs L&D specialists and resources to develop online courses. Sometimes organizations lack the necessary knowledge to build online courses for online learning Without the right knowledge for creating course that appeals to the learners, eLearning implementation initiatives might become ineffective and fail to produce the desired outcomes.


eLearning development can become easy if you have an in-house team with expertise and knowledge of eLearning. If you don’t have an internal team, it’s better to work with reputed external vendors who are skilled in eLearning development, have access to the right authoring tools, and have expertise creating top-notch courses for corporate training.

2. Technology

Technology is the main aspect for delivering successful eLearning. Organizations may experience difficulties hosting and efficiently delivering eLearning courses due to the lack of a technological platform, and bandwidth restrictions.


Technological competence is also required for delivering the eLearning courses smoothly and choosing the appropriate eLearning platforms. Check with your organization if you have a sound technical infrastructure. An organization should have an LMS to host and deliver eLearning courses successfully without any difficulties.

3. Learners ‘readiness

Sometimes learners may not have the required computer skills they need and may be hesitant to use new technology. You should consider your learners’ readiness as they might not feel confident enrolling in eLearning courses due to a lack of computer skills.


You can encourage your learners by assuring them that the courses won’t be challenging and that they’ll receive adequate support while enrolling the course till they complete it. You can also show them demo sessions or course trailers to give them an idea of how simple enrolling in the eLearning course will be and how it will be beneficial to them in corporate training.

I hope we were able to provide you with solutions to all of the common challenges you might face while implementing eLearning in your organization. For more insights, here is an infographic containing a number of eHacks to assist you in implementing eLearning and ensuring that your learners have a positive eLearning experience.

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eLearning Implementation: 3 Typical Challenges and Solutions

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Wrapping Up!

I hope that all of these solutions to your challenges have been beneficial and that you are no longer so hesitant to consider beginning with eLearning right now.

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