Why E-learning is the Best Training Solution for Software Training

Why E-learning is the Best Training Solution for Software Training

Why E-learning is the Best Training Solution for Software Training

Today, organizational efficacy is one of the most essential aspects to survive the competitive edge of business environment. Companies across the industries are using many IT products and services like SAP, workday, oracle, and so on. So, implementing the new software and imparting training are the two challenges faced. This is where the ‘why training and how beneficial it is for the job’ aspects come into picture. In this context, let us look into what software training is, why it is important, and whether the benefits of the new software align with the job responsibilities. Let us understand these aspects further.

Software training: Software training is an instruction to users to acquire proficiency in software-related topics such as system and application software, computer programs, and so on. It is training provided to employees on software applications in order to speed up the process, ensure uniformity, improve quality, and essentially make better use of the software installed. Understanding these aspects of software applications optimizes resources, simplifies the process, and sets out manual errors.

Why Software training: Many companies incorporate new software applications such as SAP, HR tool, Oracle, and so on in order to optimize their operations and streamline different processes. Appropriate use of software brings in many benefits. But inappropriate use may lead to loss of investment and time. So, an effective training format is very essential to train the workforce on incorrect implementation of software applications and how to enhance knowledge and skills to address the complexities of using software in the right method.

Challenges of Software training: The need for change and adapting to new environment across locations is one of the biggest challenges with regards to implementing new software. Also, it is very essential to understand the technicalities of the software. Another aspect of concern at this point is about the software implementation that may have to be deployed at diverse locations covering operations at different geographical points such as a multinational organization.

Also, instructor-led-training method may not be consistent across diverse locations. In this regard, e-learning can be an ideal medium of training to bring about expected results.

E-learning for Software training: The corporate world today predominantly depends upon software applications in order to carry out its operations in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, training the workforce effectively on different applications is very essential. For this purpose, e-learning delivers excellent training on various software applications.

Let us see why:

  • Easy to modify and update: It is easy to upgrade the older version of the course when it is in the online format. Changes may be made in the courses and features may be improved as required. Also, course resources may be made available online for a quick reference to learners.
  • Tracking progress: It is very essential that employees are comfortable in using the new software. Online courses are delivered on LMS, which is a software platform; this helps to track and monitor the learners’ progress.
  • Consistent training: Online training method may be standardized and made common to all learners. The look and feel of the modules can be made uniform.
  • Effective technical training: E-learning is a very effective medium of training on technical aspects such as software application as it embeds high-level animations and graphics in its training program.
  • Cost-efficacy: Online training helps cut costs and related expenses to boarding, lodging, travelling, and so on. Courses may be deployed once and may be used multiple times by the learners.
  • Training in multiple formats: Learners may undergo training as per their convenience in multiple formats such as CDs, desktops, mobiles and similar gadgets.
  • Online software training facilitates uniform training and helps meet increased standards across the organization
  • Helps learners to have hands-on-experience

E-learning strategies to train employees on new software:

Most organizations across the world use online tools such as SAP, HRIS tool, service tool, and so on. These tools help sync and align their operations with a click. However, these tools are not as simple as they sound to be adopted by the employees. They practically need a cultural shift. Specific strategies should be adopted to train employees effectively within a short span of time.

Let us take a look into these specific strategies: 

The why video: Do I need to work with new software? In this case, how does it help? These are few questions that arise in the minds of the learner. So, what is the best way out to help them overcome this hurdle?

  • Educate them on why to use the new software
  • Explain to them how the new software helps perform their job easily and effectively
  • Make them understand how the new software enables learners to work on what is important.

This may be achieved with the help of a fun video with the use of cartoons and a storytelling format. The tone should not be dry and serious. Learners should be able to connect to the video and become equipped adequately to learn the tool. The duration of the video should not exceed more than 2-3 minutes.

Job Aids: Quick and easy handouts of about 2-3 pages explaining the steps in shorter points give learners the ease to work with a software application even when they are trained on the new software online. This also motivates learners to learn the software. Standard icons for job aids visually connect the learners.

The ‘How to’ video: Software simulations help in training the employees effectively as they enable the learners to go for a ‘Watch and Try’ strategy.

  • Create videos with step-wise flow of the task.
  • Develop videos on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Use music instead of audio.
  • Mark key messages as basic tips to learn.

Making training global: Most of the software applications are developed keeping in mind the global audience. In this context, it is very essential to translate these trainings into different languages. Take a look at some tips that cut cost, time, and make these trainings global:

  • As the ‘why’ video is the key motivator, it needs to be translated with audio in different languages.
  • Job-aids need to be translated in various languages with screenshots.
  • For the ‘How’ video, the screenshots may be changed in different languages. There is no audio for these videos, which helps cut cost and time.

Online training solutions have made a big difference to software training and development to organizations such as Microsoft and Adobe. With the rapid improvement in technology, e-learning is the best training solution to individuals to learn software applications.

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