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5 Best Tips on eLearning Design and Development for Gen Z Workforce


Subject: eLearning Courses for Us (The Gen Z, Ofc!)

*Opens the mail*

Hey, training manager!

I’m sure you’ve heard about us Gen Z peeps, the ones born between 1997 and 2012. And yeah, we’re all about that digital life and tech-savvy stuff, but did you know we have unique expectations when it comes to learning too? So, if you want to design eLearning that actually works for us, you gotta get to know our learning needs and preferences. Looking forward to a more Gen Z-friendly eLearning course!

Peace out!

Well, I’m sure you would think that it’s a fair point. Gen Z workforce has its own style (both, in terms of writing, learning, and yeah working too!). So what to do?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll go through 5 eLearning design and development tips to create training courses that totally engage and motivate Gen Z learners.

Let’s do this!

5 Best Tips on eLearning Design and Development for Gen Z Workforce

Keep It Short and Sweet

Needless to say that Gen Z learners have grown up with technology, which has made them accustomed to processing information quickly. So they prefer bite-sized pieces of information that they can consume even on-the-go. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your eLearning modules short and sweet (microlearning is the term, just in case!).

Break down your content into small chunks and present them in a concise and engaging manner. Separate the need-to-know content from nice-to-know content for effective eLearning design and development.

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Make eLearning Courses Interactive

This is a must!! And I’m not exaggerating. Gen Z workforce is used to interacting with technology and expects the same from their eLearning courses. They crave engagement and want to be an active participant in their learning programs. So you should incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, games, simulations, videos, audio, animations, etc., in your eLearning design and development to make your training courses more engaging and memorable.

Use Multimedia

Well, Gen Z learners are visual learners. They prefer multimedia content over text-based content. Therefore, I highly suggest you use images, videos, and animations to illustrate your points and make the training content more interactive and immersive. A word of caution here. Be careful not to overuse multimedia components, as it can be distracting and may even confuse the learners.

Provide Personalized Feedback

Training without feedback is a futile venture, regardless of which generation we are talking about. But here is a little differentiator for our Gen Z coworkers. They value feedback and expect it to be instant and personalized. So level up your eLearning design and development to provide immediate feedback to the Gen Z workforce.

You can include interactive elements such as quizzes and other forms of assessments to gain learner analytics that will help you gather relevant insights and provide useful feedback. With that said, double-check the element of personalization in feedback to ensure the suggestions and guidance is based on learners’ performance. It will help them understand their strengths and weaknesses in a better way.

Ensure the Courses are Mobile-Friendly

The Gen Z workforce is always on-the-go (be it for official purposes or personal traveling). But one thing is for sure, they expect the learning content to be accessible on their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s essential to design eLearning courses that are mobile-friendly and responsive. Ensure in your eLearning design and development that the training courses are accessible on a variety of devices and platforms, and provide learners with the flexibility to access the content at their convenience.

Keep Slaying!

Designing effective eLearning courses for Gen Z requires a different approach than designing for previous generations. With the eLearning design and development tips discussed in this blog, you can easily create training courses that will help you provide an engaging and effective learning experience for your Gen Z learners. Remember, your goal is to create a learning experience that is both informative and enjoyable for your learners. Don’t forget to check out our eBook on onboarding the Millennial workforce.

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