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Developing Effective E-learning Courses: 4 Questions You Need to Ask Your-self

As an instructional designer, you always aspire to develop effective eLearning courses. You need to make sure that the course you develop is helpful to learners and meets the learning requirements. You need to also see that your course content is relevant and meaningful and helps improve the performance of your learners.

But, how can you determine the best way to develop an effective eLearning course? Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself, before developing the course. They would provide you with the answers and a possible solution for a better outcome.

1. Who are your learners?

A successful eLearning project requires understanding the learners and their needs. You can use these questions to know your learners better.

  • What is your learners’ education level and their skills?
  • How much knowledge do they have on the subject?
  • How can the course be beneficial to them?
  • How comfortable are they, using eLearning?

Finding out answers to these questions, prior to developing the course, would enable you to develop the course that could meet their needs.

2. Why is the training necessary?

People get motivated to take things which they find relevant and useful. “What’s in it for me?”- this is all what your learners want to know before taking the course. Hence, present your eLearning course in such a way that your learners are motivated to take the course. State the benefits your learners would get from the eLearning course, very clearly. Ask them questions, present videos and activities that explain how the course could be beneficial to them.

3. What can you do to make the training beneficial?

You need to ensure that your training is beneficial to your learners. For this, you need to make your learners motivated at the beginning of the course itself. Hence, you need to tell your learners what they would be able to learn after completing the course. This will assure them that the training is learner-centered and would help them deal with the problems that they confront in their lives.

4. How can your learners get the most out of your training program?

This question will help you get ideas about the strategies or methods to be used to present the content effectively. You need to focus presenting your content effectively, so that your learners acquire the needed knowledge and skills. You need to also decide on the interactivities and scenarios to be used in your course. Give your learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge and practice the skills during training.

Ask yourself these questions before developing an eLearning course. Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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