Designing Screen Layouts For eLearning Courses


The screen design is part of the user interface development. It is important to make it effective as it plays a key role in an eLearning course.

Designing Screen Layouts For eLearning Courses

In this technological era, the visual channel is still the absolute way of transforming the information. The screen design is part of the user interface development which makes the availability of a good overview, and the way the user interface development works to meet the design requirements. Therefore, it becomes easy for developers to understand why effective screen design is so important.

Designing Screen Layouts For eLearning Courses

Here are four key elements which we should consider while creating screen layouts:


This is one of the main components of screen design as the screen should be well designed and clean. Every icon and navigation should be clearly visible.


The icon and graphics representation on each slide should be consistent for the whole course, so that the learner isn’t confused about how to navigate the course. Like the style, even the placement of graphics, text and color should be consistent for each slide. This consistency reduces the distraction in learning as well as establishes branding for the company.


The screen should not be very vague and cluttered, as this reduces the effectiveness of learners’ learning ability.


The learner should be in command throughout the course.

Thus, these navigations always help learners understand and access the course easily.

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  • 8/04/2011 at 8:27 pm

    These same design themes are used in designing websites as well so they are easy to navigate.
    E Learners need to access the information easily and fast when learning online.

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