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Why Use Videos to Train Your Sales Staff on Customer Service

It is a well-known fact that salespeople with good customer service skills help deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to repeat business and results in a better bottom line. How can you ensure your sales reps provide customer service of the highest quality? Among the various aspects you need to consider, delivery of effective training is inarguably the most critical. Well-trained salespersons can hold fruitful interactions with customers, answer their queries confidently, and help them get the best value.

In this blog, we will examine how video-based learning modules can be used to develop the customer-serving abilities of your sales force.

1. Communication skills can be enhanced

We all know that good communication skills play a very important role in holding successful customer interactions. Traditionally, these skills were imparted in an instructor-led setting, where a soft skills trainer would coach reps. You can use videos with a high degree of efficacy to complement the classroom training.

Videos are ideal tools to depict how your learners need to get their body language right, modulate their tone to show empathy, and use other verbal and non-verbal cues to convey the intended message in an effective manner.

One of our clients in the insurance sector has developed a series of videos on communication skills and included them in a private YouTube playlist. This initiative was a grand success and received a good response from learners.

2. Effective training can be imparted to conduct smooth conversations

A good conversation is the heart of effective customer service, and there can be no better tools than learning videos for training your sales personnel to hold successful conversations with customers. You can use video-based learning modules to show how to greet a customer, open a conversation, learn about his needs, offer the right solution, and end the conversation effectively.

Video-based lessons are ideal for training your sales personnel to gauge the mood of the customer based on his body language and tone. One of our clients in the retail sector has developed a video-based curriculum for training his staff on assessing the mood of customers. If sales reps find the customer “receptive”, they make an attempt to cross-sell a new product.

3. Sales reps can be taught to deal with difficult customers deftly

Staying on with customer conversations, many a time, your sales reps need to deal with “tough” customers who try to dominate the interaction. You can use video-based lessons very effectively, for training reps to remain calm and gain control of the conversation.

One of our clients in the IT sector uses video-based modules to demonstrate how to deal with difficult customers without getting unnerved. The customer has created a series of videos containing “mock” conversations, enacted by its senior sales staff who are adept at handling difficult customers. These videos have proved very effective in enabling the company’s novice sales staff members tackle difficult customers skillfully and serve them well.

4. Good knowledge of products can be imparted

Good knowledge of how products work helps your sales reps serve customers effectively. Many customers look to sales reps as the first line of information about their products. You can use videos to impart high quality product training to your salespeople.

One of our clients in the automobile industry uses animated learning videos for training its sales personnel on products. The client created a series of animated video-based lessons that explain how the different parts of its vehicles function. The videos went a long way in helping sales reps explain the functioning of their products to customers. You can also use animated videos to demonstrate the working of products to customers.

5. High quality demonstrations of products can be made

It is common knowledge that many customers would like to have a firsthand feel of how products serve them, and there can be no better way to meet this need than to demonstrate the products. However, it is not possible to demonstrate many products, such as medical equipment. For instance, a salesperson cannot hold a “real” demonstration of a pacemaker. However, you can use animated videos to show and educate customers how it would work when it is implanted into a patient’s body.

Delivery of effective customer service training to your sales reps goes a long way in creating satisfied customers who will stick to your company. Harness the power of video-based learning for imparting good customer service training to your sales force.

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