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6 Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom eLearning [Infographic]

In the sea of endless information, finding pearls of relevant and valuable knowledge is a delight! It creates impact, becoming a part of a person’s treasured memories. The world of corporate training is no exception! It is quickly changing and rapidly evolving. With that said, the importance of high-value, on-point training cannot be overstated. And this is where custom eLearning steals the show. Whether it’s onboarding, compliance training, or sales enablement, custom eLearning never fails to work its magic. It creates a powerful impact among learners in contrast to the off-the-shelf courses.

In this blog, we'll try to understand what is custom eLearning, why you should choose it, and three expert tips for creating effective custom eLearning experiences.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

What is Custom eLearning?

The custom eLearning approach refers to designing and developing courses that are tailored to meet specific learning objectives and organizational requirements. Custom eLearning design includes a variety of elements like multimedia, interactive simulations, quizzes, and personalized assessments.

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6 Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom eLearning

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6 Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom eLearning

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3 Expert Custom eLearning Design Tips for High-Impact Training

Know Your Target Audience

The first and most important step in designing custom eLearning is understanding your audience. To create high-impact training, you must know who your learners are and what their learning needs are. Moreover, having an idea about what motivates them to learn and take up training courses is a bonus.

You can start by gaining information on their existing knowledge, skill levels, experience level, educational background, and preferred learning styles. To garner this information, you can use surveys, interviews, social media posts, data analytics, etc.

Incorporate Interactivities and Multimedia to Boost Engagement

For high-impact custom eLearning, make sure it is engaging and interactive. Passive content simply conveys the information to learners but fails to create an impact responsible for better retention and recall. To make your training more immersive and engaging, here are a few elements worth trying:



  • Click-throughs
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Digital flashcards
  • Hotspots

Focus on User Experience (UX) and Accessibility

Regardless of how good your course content is, if it isn’t completed by the learners, all the efforts run down the drain. Therefore, paying attention to user experience and accessibility is integral while designing custom eLearning courses. Make sure your courses offer seamless, engaging user experience and top-notch accessibility.

Your learners should be able to navigate through the content easily without getting confused or distracted and the course should be accessible to learners anytime, anywhere. By prioritizing user experience and accessibility, your custom eLearning courses appeal to a broader audience which ultimately leads to high-impact training results.

Here are a few tips for effective UX and accessibility:

  • Responsive design: Design custom eLearning modules that are responsive to various screen sizes, i.e., the content is automatically adjusted based on the device it is being accessed on. This ensures that learners can access the training modules on desktops, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Clear navigation: Follow an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation system. It helps learners find their way around the course effortlessly.
  • Multimedia elements: Make sure that the multimedia elements, such as videos, images, and audio, are relevant and of high quality.

Wrapping It Up!

Custom eLearning is a versatile and powerful method to deliver high-impact corporate training. From the best reasons why you should choose custom eLearning to the principles of custom eLearning design, this blog covered it all. So what are you waiting for? Say yes to custom eLearning and achieve your training goals effectively. Check out this free resource to get an overview of custom eLearning.

Custom eLearning — How it Can Offer Personalized Learning Experiences [Infographic]