Blended Learning Models: When to Use What [Infographic]


What are the primary blended learning models and how do you decide the blended learning model to go with? Here’s an infographic that shares this information in a nutshell.

Blended Learning Models: How to Choose the Right Fit?

What do you do when you would like learners to take advantage of the benefits offered by face-to-face training and enjoy the flexibility of online learning? Simple! Go blended. There are different blended learning models to choose from, out of which there are 4 primary models. All the other models are basically a combination of these 4 models.

The four primary blended learning models, according to the Christensen Institute are:

  • Rotational
  • Flex
  • Enriched Virtual
  • À La Carte

With classroom training programs coming to a grinding halt due to the pandemic, virtual classrooms are taking center stage. Blended learning can combine virtual instructor-led training with online training.

ILT To VILT Conversion

It may not be possible to stick to just one of these models when rolling out blended learning. Your training need will determine the choice of blended learning model. For instance, when instructor-led training is the primary medium of training and online learning is used to supplement formal training, the À La Carte is a good model to implement.

How can you choose a blended learning model that fits your needs? Check this infographic.

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Blended Learning Models: How to Choose the Right Fit?

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