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6 Factors that Impact your Choice of Blended Learning Model [Infographic]

We are already aware that traditional classroom training and online training have their pros and cons. So, when a blended learning approach emerged to combine the best from the two: classroom and online training, it was welcomed by educators and learners alike. Although there are many blended learning models to choose from, they are all based on 4 primary models. We have listed these models in a previous infographic on blended learning, and also given you pointers on when to use which model.

For organizations that are mainly into classroom training, introducing eLearning and virtual instructor-led training has become a necessity currently, considering the pandemic situation.ILT To VILT Conversion

Blended learning offers a host of benefits for corporate trainers, as it offers a middle ground between classroom and online learning and makes it easier to bridge knowledge gaps and leverage technology in learning efforts.

Your choice of blended learning model largely depends on the technology infrastructure that you have and the desired learning outcome. In this infographic let’s look at the factors that influence your choice of blended learning model.

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Blended Learning Model: Factors that Influence your Choice

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