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A Blended Approach is Effective to Impart SAP Training – An Infographic

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It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of training you provide to your people determines the success or failure of the SAP implementation in your company. But how can you impart highly effective training on this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to your staff? To zero-in on the right approach to train your people on SAP, we need to analyze the ‘people challenges’ faced in a SAP implementation. Let us now examine what these issues are, and how they impact the implementation.

  • Unwillingness to change: People often resist a SAP implementation because they are unsure about its impact on the organization, which can have a direct bearing on them.
  • Confusion of new roles and responsibilities: A SAP implementation involves changes to business processes. This often results in new roles and responsibilities. People are confused about these changes and this leads to resistance to change.
  • Effectively equipping people with the needed knowledge and skills: It is important that your staff have a proper understanding of the key concepts and new business process flows. At an application level, they need to know how to input the data into the system and use the software efficiently.


So, how will you resolve these people challenges? You can overcome these hurdles by developing a blended approach to SAP training. We will now see how blended learning helps.

A Blended Approach is Effective to Impart SAP Training – An Infographic

Thus, we see that blended learning is the most effective method to impart SAP training. What do you think?

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