Barriers to E-learning Implementation [Infographic]

This post highlights the barriers to successful e-learning implementation in organizations.

Published on Updated on February 10 2020
Barriers to E-learning Implementation [Infographic]

You analyze your business challenge and the training needs of your employees and decide to implement e-learning in your organization to reap its benefits. But you observe that the results are not as expected. You observe your employees, rather than embracing the new age learning solutions, are apprehensive of taking the online courses.

Why? They might be unwilling to embrace a new form of learning or might be facing technical issues trying to access the course. There are a host of such barriers that might obstruct e-learning from reaching its full potential in your organization and you need to overcome them.

Access this infographic to know the different barriers to e-learning implementation.

Barriers to E-learning Implementation [Infographic]

Hope this post helps you identify and tackle these issues.

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