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Revolutionize Corporate Training with AI-Powered eLearning Translation! [Video]

Alice is in charge of corporate training activities at a large, multinational company. She is responsible for ensuring that each and every employee working for the company receives timely training. The challenge was that the staff were from different nationalities and spoke different languages. She had to monitor the eLearning development as well as eLearning translations to ensure effective training. Soon, the task started becoming frustrating. Despite her best efforts, Alice was running into language barriers that were severely limiting her ability to effectively train her staff.

Alice felt like she was at her wit’s end when she stumbled upon the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for eLearning translation. The use of AI for translations is an excellent way to bridge the language gap by automatically translating the existing training modules into multiple languages.

Alice was ecstatic! She quickly implemented the AI for eLearning translation into her corporate training program and saw immediate results. Her staff was now able to understand the materials, regardless of the language they spoke.

Alice was so pleased with the results that she quickly shared the news with her peers who has some questions about AI for eLearning translation. The first one being “is it as good as human translations?” and this video here answers the question:

From the video, we can understand that using AI-powered tools for eLearning translations speeds up the entire process making quick eLearning module rollouts possible.

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But what other benefits do AI-powered eLearning translation tools have? Here’s a list of benefits –

The Benefits of AI for eLearning Translation for Corporate Training

1. Cost-Saving

AI-powered eLearning translation solutions are much more cost-effective than manual translation. AI-based translation solutions reduce the need for human translators and can cut the cost of the learning content localization by up to 70%.

2. Time-Saving

AI-powered eLearning translation solutions are faster than manual translation. AI can translate the content within minutes, whereas manual translation can take days or even weeks. This way, the online learning courses can be made available much faster.

3. Accuracy

AI-powered eLearning translation solutions can provide translations that are more accurate than manual translations. AI-based translation solutions use the best authoring tools that further use natural language processing (NLP) to identify the meaning of each sentence and create a more contextually and factually accurate translation.

4. Improved Efficiency

AI-powered eLearning translation solutions reduce the need for manual review, thus improving the efficiency of corporate training. AI-based translation solutions can be integrated with content management systems (CMS), allowing corporate trainers to quickly and easily update their eLearning content with the new translations.

5. Improved Usability

AI-powered eLearning translation solutions can be used to create multilingual eLearning platforms, which are more user-friendly. As AI-based translation solutions are faster and more accurate than manual translations, learners can access the latest translated versions of their eLearning content more quickly.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, AI-powered eLearning translation solutions can provide corporate training managers with an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate way to translate eLearning content into multiple languages. AI-based translation solutions reduce the need for costly manual translation and provide translations that are more accurate and up-to-date. If you’re looking for a fast and cost-effective way to localize your eLearning content, then AI-powered eLearning translation solutions are the perfect solution.

But before going ahead with the AI-powered tools for your organization, it is important for you to know everything there is about eLearning translations – the hows, whys, and the whats so you know what tool to use. And this eBook on eLearning translation will answer all your questions.

eLearning Translations: Harnessing the Power of AI