5 Qualities of an Efficient Salesperson [Infographic]


Here is an infographic that shares some qualities of salesperson that make salesperson effective.

5 Qualities of an Efficient Salesperson [Infographic]

In an ATD sales training event conducted by DrawSuccess, participants were asked about the barriers to sales success and qualities of an effective salesperson. The barriers identified were of 2 categories:

  • Uncontrollable Barriers: Issues on which the organization might have control, but not sales reps
  • Controllable Barriers: Trainable skills such as organizational and negotiating skills

DrawSuccess classified sales rep qualities into 4 groups:

  • Have sensitivity and empathy
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability
  • Possess a strong goal clarity
  • Possess good working habits and discipline

Yes, the right habits coupled with training will help sales reps’ achieve optimum results. Want to know the top 5 traits of successful sales people? Access the infographic 5 Qualities of an Efficient Salesperson.

5 Qualities of an Efficient Salesperson [Infographic]

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