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Maximize End-user Adoption: Promote Your New ERP the Hollywood Way

Investing millions to implement the best ERP system in your organization. Planning to blend different training methods to deliver the best experience to your end-users, but not sure how to create a positive buzz among them about the new system? Worry not. There is an exciting way to generate excitement among end-users and help them adapt to your new ERP system.

You can promote your new ERP system in your organization just the way Hollywood promotes its films all round the world. The producers of a film release visually amazing posters, irresistible teasers, conduct contests and award winners movie merchandise, trend on different social media, design count-down calendars, and come up with a lot of innovative ideas to create hype about the movie. Such extensive, aggressive promotion of the film ignites excitement in the audience and large numbers show up completely filling the theatres and making the producers’ attempts a huge success. Similarly, you can promote your new ERP system in you organization and create hype about it so that end-user adoption increases. Wondering how? Read on.

Promotional & Motivational Videos by the CEO

Usually, before a movie hits the big screen, the director and cast come forward and reveal something interesting about it. Similarly, you can record quick videos of your CEO talking about the importance of the new system to the organization and its role in improving the performance of end-users. He/she can also talk about the effect of successful and unsuccessful implementation of the ERP on the company’s growth. While recording these videos, one important thing you have to remember is to keep them as short as possible – not more than a minute or two. Deliver one message at a time so that end-users don’t feel bored and access them whenever a new one is posted.

Attractive Posters

Right from the first look till the movie’s release, movie-makers keep us thrilled and anticipating the movie with their breath-taking posters. Just like these posters, you too can design attractive posters listing the exciting features of the new ERP. Display them prominently in different locations of your organization such as the cafeteria, elevators, training rooms, conference halls, lounges, near individual cubicles, on the glass doors, on employees’ dining tables, and any location you can think of. You can even go a step ahead and stick them in the restrooms, or tape them to the mirror above the basin, or even above the urinals in the men’s room.

Visually Descriptive Desktop Wallpapers

We also see producers release amazing wallpapers of different scenes in the movie so that viewers can use them as wallpapers on their personal devices. Similarly, provide end-users a few eye catchy desktop wallpapers. Try to ensure these wallpapers visually describe something exciting about the new ERP – it might be a feature, the interface, or one difference (per wallpaper) the ERP would make compared to the legacy system. Do not forget to mention the go-live date on every wallpaper you provide the end-users.

Teasers on the Updates

At times in Hollywood, big projects take years to hit the theatres. In such situations, producers release teasers, making-of videos, recordings of the lead actors’ rehearsals, and more to keep the buzz alive in the audience till the official release dates are announced. Similarly, you can release teasers of the work-in-progress, updates on the implementation, achievements by the implementation team, and more to keep the buzz alive in the organization.

Count-down Calendar

Lately, we have been seeing count-down calendars for everything that is poised to enter the market – a film, a reality show, a Smartphone, or even a sale. These calendars keep reminding us of the impending date and fuel excitement. You can also use such a calendar, either in some common areas in of your company or as a gadget on the desktops of end-users to keep the buzz alive.

Goodies to End-users

We often see people participating in different movie contests prior to a movie’s release and winning amazing movie merchandise. Such contests ensure that the audience goes in search of the minute details of the movie to win the merchandise and shoot up the already high excitement levels. Similarly, you can announce goodies, perks, or rewards to end-users who ace the assessments post each training session. Display a leaderboard, if possible. Such an experience motivates end-users to stay focused while undergoing training on the new ERP system.

Such initiatives will help you ignite excitement among the end-users, keep it alive till Go-live, and also motivate end-users to undergo the required training.

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