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Training the Telecom Salesforce – How Online Training Can Help

The Telecom sector has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years. According to a report by Infonetics Research, telecom operators have generated around $2 trillion in revenues globally in 2013. In order to win the battle for more subscribers and customer loyalty, telecom companies keep coming up with innovative network technologies and initiatives that deliver better customer experience.

These advancements and initiatives impact their workforce, especially their sales teams, who need continuous training on new technologies, changing product offerings, and service parameters. Let’s look at the various training needs in detail and what can help.

Training on Telephone Etiquette

Gone are the days of door-to-door selling; Today, lead generation and relationship building happens mostly through phone calls. What we have to remember here is that people don’t like sales calls. So the team has only a few seconds to leave a positive impression.

So, how do we quickly and effectively train people on telephone etiquette? 

E-learning fits the bill in this situation, enabling the learner to learn and practice the best practices. Courses can be quickly developed and delivered to the sales team, even if they are spread all around the globe. More importantly, after completing the training, the team can refer to the best practices at any time as a refresher.

Training on Systems/ Applications

To reach their targets, sales people need to work with various tools and dash boards to plan for their sales activities, and monitor progress and customer satisfaction. Although these tools help in providing real time data, they can be overwhelming and complex for the sales team. 

Simulation based training can be very helpful in such cases, training them on processes, planning and document management. 

Training on Product Offerings

Telecom companies keep updating their services and product offerings to compete in the market. Consumers greatly benefit from these bundles or packages, but remembering all this information can be challenging for the sales team.

Small modules on these packages or product offerings pushed through mobile devices can be of great help to the mobile sales force. These modules can actually be treated as just-in-time support.

Product knowledge and communication with customers is critical to a sales team’s success. Cost effective online courses have a lot to offer to the telecom sector. Do share if you wish to add to the list.

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