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Five Essential Components of an Instructional Design Strategy

One of the most important aspects to be considered before diving into the design process of any e-learning course is to zero-in on the right instructional design strategy. It is important for your e-learning course as it helps to achieve the learning goals.

What is instructional design strategy? It is the high level approach of teaching a particular subject. To be more precise, it constitutes components which support the internal processes of designing e-learning with the particular resources and within certain parameters. While you try to zero-in on a particular instructional design strategy for your e-learning program, you need to consider these components so that you have the right strategy that best suits your requirements.

Want to know about the five components of an instructional design strategy? Check out the video Five Essential Components of an Instructional Design Strategy which elaborates the following:

  • Content
  • Visual
  • Media,
  • Assessments
  • Technical

Access the free video here!


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