Surveys for eLearning Champions

Surveys for eLearning Champions

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CommLab India offers data-backed insights into learning solutions, trends, and emerging technologies in the realm of eLearning, blended learning, and tech-enabled learning.

Join the vast community of L&D professionals and participate in these surveys to gain detailed reports, customized solutions, and more. We bring you the voice of learners, trainers, L&D managers, training organizations, CLOs, and more!!! Bookmark this page!

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What’s Your Learning Preference?

Surveys for eLearning Champions

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With millennials entering the workforce, learners preferring short learning bytes, emerging technologies entering the learning arena, direct human interaction taking a backseat due to the pandemic, and more, learner preferences are evolving. The smartphone is becoming the new classroom and games, AR/VR the new field trips.

Participate in this survey and get access to a detailed report about changing learning needs – right from preferred times and locations to formats and more!

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