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A Checklist Before Outsourcing eLearning Translation [Infographic]

Language is the fundamental instrument behind how we decode and decipher the world around us. It is how we learn, share ideas and information, and most importantly create meaning. Did you know that there are roughly 6500 languages in the world? Seems pretty cool to think that despite such vast linguistic differences, we are well equipped in our lives to understand each other, right? But when it comes to learning, we always prefer learning in a language that is our own, whether acquired or received. This is why we advocate eLearning translations so strongly. It enables your global learners to access workplace training in a language that they understand and are comfortable with.

Explore how eLearning translations can minimize isolation and maximize ROI.

eLearning translation is a straightforward idea but a complicated process. It is not just about translating one language to another on paper, but needs inputs from linguists as well and eLearning experts. For instance – if you need to translate an eLearning course in English to Chinese and Arabic, you will need to keep in mind the differences in the fonts and styles of scripts as well. Arabic is written from right to left so you will need to change the layouts and alignments of the eLearning course. Also, you will need to avoid certain words, phrases, even colors that have different cultural connotations. And to top all this, if you want rapid eLearning translations, you’ll need to use different (Computer Aided Translation) CAT memory tools.

Do you now understand why I called it a complicated process? But don’t worry! Where there is a training challenge, we have a solution. And for successful eLearning translation, your best option is outsourcing eLearning. This way you will get all the expertise you need without having to shoulder that burden on your own.

But before you outsource your eLearning translation, we have a checklist that you can follow to ensure the whole process is streamlined and there is no scope for mistakes on either end.

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