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9 Product Knowledge M-learning Delivery Formats for Sales Teams

It is a well-known fact that products are the lifeline of companies, and sales reps need to be equipped with good knowledge of products. Salespeople, who are trained well on products, can communicate their value proposition effectively, and needless to say, close deals better.

How can you impart good product training to members of the sales staff, who are constantly on the move? You need to go for mobile learning. Mobile-compatible online product training materials can be accessed by your sales reps, anytime, anywhere, even while traveling. Salespeople can access the required information about products instantly, on their mobile devices. This enables them to answer prospects’ queries better.

Today, we will look at nine mobile-friendly technology-enabled learning delivery formats that are ideal to impart product sales training.

1. Microlearning Modules

Online microlearning courses are well-suited for imparting sales training through mobile devices. These modules are of short duration (less than 10 minutes), so they can be accessed on mobiles effectively. Online learning nuggets are very useful to close the product knowledge gaps of your sales reps. Here is a common scenario.

A salesperson of a laboratory equipment manufacturer in Belgium needs to deliver a presentation to a prospect based in Canada. The sales rep, who was busy with his work, could not brush up his knowledge of the firm’s latest product. He accesses a learning nugget that explains the unique benefits of the product, on his tablet, while traveling, and this helps him bridge the knowledge gap.

2. Explainer Videos

Many a time, B2B salespeople need to demonstrate the working of complex products to potential customers. Animated videos can be used to meet this need very effectively. Consider this scenario.

A sales rep of a medical device manufacturing company is interacting with the purchasing committee members of a hospital, trying to sell his organization’s new heart-lung machine. One of the members asks the sales rep to explain how the product works. The rep shows the members an animated video on his iPad, which explains the functioning of the product very clearly.

3. Podcasts

A podcast is an audio file that can be accessed through the Internet. Podcasts are very useful tools to train the traveling sales rep. He can listen to the product content very conveniently while on the move. These web-based learning resources can be delivered in an effective manner through mobile devices. Consider this scenario.

A sales rep of an insurance company is traveling from his office in Brooklyn to Manhattan, in a subway train, to meet a prospect. He plugs into his iPhone and listens to how his firm’s new endowment policy offers superior benefits than similar products of competitors.

4. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are convenient ways to deliver product training to your sales staff and provide just-in-time learning support. Here is a common scenario.

A medical rep is holding a conversation with a dermatologist about his firm’s latest drug for a rare ailment that results in the swelling of sweat glands. The doctor asks for data regarding the number of patients suffering from the disease. The rep opens an app on his tablet, which is connected to a data-mining platform and provides the required information, instantly.

5. EBooks

These online learning resources are widely used as process and product manuals, user guides, and so on. Ebooks can be accessed very effectively on tablets and smartphones with large screens. They can be used to deliver comprehensive training on products to your sales staff. Consider this scenario.

A sales rep of a heavy electrical equipment manufacturer is flying from Beijing to Bangalore to meet a client. He goes through the training material on a super critical boiler, in the form of an EPUB file, during the ten-hour journey, and this enables him answer the questions of the client confidently.

6. Interactive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interactive FAQs can be used to brush up the knowledge of your salespeople. Reps can quickly browse through questions frequently asked by prospects, and this helps them sell effectively. Check out this scenario.

A sales rep of an automobile company is traveling to meet a prospect. He opens an online learning module on his mobile device and goes through the answers for questions frequently asked about his company’s latest product, an SUV.

7. Gamified Learning Modules

We live in the age of Candy Crush. Today’s sales reps expect to learn as they play, and gamified, mobile-compatible technology-enabled learning modules are ideal tools to train them on products. Gamified online learning modules foster a spirit of competition among your sales staff, and this motivates them to perform well. Here is a scenario.

A drug manufacturing major has developed a gamified mobile module to train its sales reps on the features of its latest painkiller. The firm announces that the learner who wins the highest number of points will be awarded a badge and 7000 USD. This motivates the medical reps to do well in the training program to win the badge and the monetary award.

8. Infographics

Infographics use a combination of text and visuals, and this makes these online learning resources highly effective. They can be accessed on smartphones and tablets in a hassle-free manner. You can use infographics to provide the gist of a product sales training program, reinforcing the learning. Check out this scenario.

An insurance sales rep has undergone training on a new life insurance product two days ago. He accesses an infographic detailing the benefits of the product, on his tablet. This helps him recapitulate the benefits of the product listed in the training program, resulting in better retention.

9. SMSs

SMSs enable your salespeople exchange information seamlessly and collaborate in an effective manner. Consider this scenario.

A salesman of a financial services organization is interacting with a client, attempting to convince the client to invest in his company’s mutual fund. The client wants to know about the performance of the fund over the last 6 quarters. The sales rep immediately sends an SMS to a knowledgeable colleague who furnishes the required information instantly.

Good product training helps your salespeople close deals. The nine online learning delivery formats, discussed above, can be used to unleash the power of the mobile device to impart the winning product sales training. Would you like to expand this list? Please do so.

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