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4 Benefits Microlearning Offers Post Sales Training Support [Infographic]

As sales people are always on move, it is difficult to train them. Most of them think training is simply not worth their time, especially in between their hectic schedules and sales targets. They think that sales training is very complex and unmemorable and they are right.

Research shows that if learning is not reinforced in an ongoing manner, then 80-90% of learning is lost one month after training (Source: So imagine what would happen if sales peoples are left without post training reinforcement.

Post sales training is the assistance provided to a learner after the completion of a training program in order to enhance performance. Training sales representatives is the major concern which sales training managers face, but providing post sales training support is added concern. So, what helps sales training manger to provide post sales training without much concern?

Well, the answer is micro learning. Micro learning is defined as learning in short and byte-sized units. It deals with small learning units and short-term learning activities which can be consumed whenever and wherever required.

To know other benefits which micro learning offers to post sales training support, check out the infographic below.

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4 Benefits Micro Learning Offers Post Sales Training Support [Infographic]

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