Why Lectora 17 to Create Mobile Learning [Infographic]

This infographic shares why Lectora 17 is ideal to create mobile learning courses.

Published on Updated on February 10 2020
Why Lectora 17 to Create Mobile Learning [Infographic]

The latest trend in technology-enabled learning is mobile learning apps. Accessing learning content through apps is easier than through browsers. Mobile apps can be an ideal platform for reinforcing classroom training/e-learning, and providing performance support.

Lectora 17 is the most preferred and ideal tool of choice, to make your existing text-heavy training content suitable for m-learning. It is also the right choice to design a multilingual course that caters to mobile learners in different geographical locations.

What makes Lectora 17 the ideal choice? Check our infographic for the answers.

Why Lectora 17 to Create Mobile Learning [Infographic]

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