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Guidelines for Developing Assessments for M-learning Courses

In any training program, assessments are effective elements to assess the learner’s learning comprehension or knowledge gain. Assessments help learners apply their knowledge and skills to real world challenges and measure the learner’s achievements. They also evaluate their comprehension of online courses.

Here, I would like to share some guidelines to develop assessments for mobile learning.


For regular tests/quizzes, questions should be short and simple. These questions can be used during the course to check the knowledge periodically. They can also be used at the end of the course to measure the level of success. They should provide immediate feedback.



According to Ambient Insight, spending on game-based learning is expected to grow from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $2.3 billion in 2017.

Games are ideal tools to reinforce learning and engage your learners. While designing mobile games, keep in mind the touch interactions of mobile platforms to ensure effectiveness.



Instead of formal assessments or quizzes, learners could be asked to solve various kinds of puzzles such as crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, etc. On successful completion of the puzzle/activity, the learner can be allowed to proceed further. Puzzles assist the learners to refresh their knowledge.


when they have to fill up a form or respond to lengthy questionnaires

Evaluation of learning can be done through mobile devices. Responses from learners are difficult to obtain, especially when they need to respond to lengthy questionnaires or fill up a form. Polls, surveys and feedback questionnaires are effective ways to overcome this problem.


Polls are used to analyze training needs. For example, you can ask your learners to select the topics of their choice. You can check the mobile devices, used by your learners to make sure that your mLearning courses are compatible. Similarly, you can use polls to know the primary ways of your learners use their mobile devices such as just for voice calls, or for browsing the Internet etc.


Surveys are used to evaluate training programs. You can use the surveys to ask your learners about trainings that they have attended and It is easy to respond to questionnaires using mobile devices.


You can obtain detailed feedback from your learners, on the course content, its usability and relevance to their jobs.

These are some of the guidelines for developing highly effective assessments for mLearning courses. Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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