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Develop Courses in the .exe Format for Hassle-Free E-learning

Are you an eLearning manager who is fed up downloading a variety of software to make your online course work? Do you want your course to load quickly without any issues? Let me share how we resolved these issues using executable files.

We had a prestigious client from the manufacturing sector who wanted us to develop an eLearning course that could be tracked using an LMS.

The client also required the course to be CD-USB compatible. The client further desired to include 32 videos and the course contained several images in various formats. He also wanted us to make sure that the course loads onto the computer quickly without any hassles. We delivered an eLearning course that perfectly met all his requirements by developing it in the .exe format.

What are the advantages of the .exe format?

The client wanted the course to be accessible in all browsers without the support of any external software. Flash was therefore ruled out because external plug-ins are needed to view the media. We contemplated using HTML5 but eventually decided against it in favor of the .exe format because .exe files

Are easy to use

Courses published in the .exe format are very easy to handle when compared to their HTML5 counterparts. When each video is converted to HTML5, a folder is created and when you have multiple videos as in this case, you need to deal with several folders. If you wish to access the HTML5 course offline, you need all these folders. A .exe file removes these headaches because you can embed all the videos in a single file. All you need to do is copy the file and double click on it.

Take lesser time to load

This is another benefit of publishing courses in the .exe format. Courses published in this format that have media elements such as videos embedded in them load much faster than courses published in the HTML5 format. This leads to better learning experiences as learners do not get frustrated waiting for the course to load.

On the flip side, executable files may contain viruses that maybe hard to detect. However, there was no such problem in this case as the client was using a file from a reliable source.

Courses published in the .exe format are simple to use and need less time to load ensuring hassle-free learning. The threat of viruses, usually associated with files of this format is eliminated if they are received from a trusted eLearning vendor. I hope you find this blog useful. Do share your thoughts with us.

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