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Create Effective Dialogue Simulations for Online Sales Training with iSpring Version 8.3

How important is it for sales personnel to say the correct thing at the correct time to a potential customer? It is very important. Communication or dialogue is a significant part of any sales process. Good communication skills help sales people connect well with potential clients. Their lack will result in lost clients and deals. Considering this, communication skills need to be included while training sales personnel in any field. The best way to develop communication skills would be through dialogue simulations.

Unfortunately, neither sales training programs nor sales managers realize that conversation skills are very difficult to master and offer only basic training in this area which is not sufficient if the intention is to make successful sales deals. But organizations that focus on this aspect of sales training are reaping the benefits. Examples include companies such as IBM and Schlumberger which have emerged leaders in their respective industries. The best way to provide this training is through dialogue simulations.

 Dialogue simulations

Simulation training helps individuals learn by performing an action in order to achieve a certain outcome. The learning outcome from the simulation comes from experience and adults, we know, learn better through experience. Dialogue simulations are a way to develop conversation skills.

These simulations provide experiential learning for sales training. Many sales personnel are aware of the strong points of the company’s products or services but fail to communicate them to the client or adapt their presentation according to the client’s needs. Dialogue simulations can fill this gap by letting sales people take part in simulated conversations in different situations where they can practice what to say and how to say it.

Dialogue simulations are a way to develop conversation skills in a low risk environment. They help sales people develop the required soft skills when interacting with customers. Constant training will help them make effective conversations. One key communication skill is the ability to pay attention and listen to what the other person is saying and understand the intention and motivation behind it. People with good communication skills pay attention to what the other person is saying and then respond accordingly. Similarly, a good sales person listens attentively to what the customer wants and using his knowledge of the product, tailors his responses and suggests solutions.

The dialogue simulations used in e-learning sometimes fail to train sales people on the appropriate ways to respond. This is because such dialogue simulations are hard to create and require the creation of scenarios, characters, and dialogues for different situations.

iSpring TalkMaster

The TalkMaster enhancement in iSpring 8.3 makes creating dialogue simulations easy. TalkMaster has built in tools that help create characters and scenarios that mirror real life communication. They provide the option of adding voiceover to a character’s lines in dialogue simulations, adding a realistic touch to the conversations. Dialogue characters can be made to speak as if in real life communication with the Talkmaster tool.

The tool is simple and easy to use and offers many options. You can create simulations, choose characters, and select appropriate emotions for them. There is the option to select the background for the scene and choose what you want your characters to say and add the appropriate reply choices or reply messages.

What’s more, you can create a new dialogue scene based on the reply. You can type new text for your characters and change their emotions and create a branched scenario. This will help create different dialogue simulations for various situations.The scenes you create can be a dialogue between a customer and a sales person in a car showroom or customer and sales person negotiating the price of a product. The options are many. This helps sales personnel learn how to interact with customers in different situations and how best to respond to their needs.

iSpring 8.3 TalkMaster is useful for e-learning developers, trainers, and instructors as they can enhance the course with audio features. It can create a realistic training tool that has a positive impact on the training results.

If you can think of other ways in which TalkMaster can be used in sales training, do share with us.

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