Take a Break! Have a Learning Byte!

Learning bits can be grasped by the learner during their spare time. This post talks about what are the various trainings that can be delivered through byte-sized modules.

Published on Updated on January 29 2020

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Take a Break! Have a Learning Byte!

Byte-sized learning in corporate training was first used in the United Kingdom in 1990.

Byte-sized learning. Corporate training modules were broken into smaller chunks and delivered to employees so that they can access the information they needed precisely at a time when they needed it –J. Gordon: The byte-sized future of corporate training. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology learning in such smaller chunks can improve the knowledge transfer by 17%. BBC in 2002 compared byte-sized learning with longer training sessions and found that learning in smaller chunks had greater retention and understanding among the learners.

Many of you will agree with me that most of the knowledge gained by employees is on the job (70:20:10 model). The 10% of knowledge that employees receive through training actually lays the platform for them to gain the additional 70% of knowledge. Such training when delivered via smaller modules and also when made available to them anywhere, anytime strengthens the platform.

Learning bits can be grasped by the learner at any time such as during short tea breaks, lunch or in their spare time. Due to the shorter duration of training modules that matches the adult attention span, which is also limited, the retention, understanding and applicability of the concepts on job will be higher when compared to longer training sessions.

With the advancement of mobile devices like smartphones, iPads and tablets, delivering byte-sized learning chunks has become easier. For example, consider the safety training byte-sized learning module for biological safety that we have created.

Byte-sized learning for mLearning

These learning bytes were delivered to employees through their mobiles. Since content was delivered through mobiles it increased the learners’ accessibility to the course, thus making the learning more effective.

Various trainings that can be delivered by byte-sized learning modules are as follows:

Software Training:

Training on software by the watch, try and do simulations in byte-sized learning modules create awareness of the software and also gives an opportunity to experience it in a simulated, risk-free environment. Training can be imparted through laptops, desktops or iPads.

Byte-sized learning for Software Training

Compliance Training:

A number of policies, procedures, laws and regulations are covered in compliance training; this requires an ample amount of time and effort from the learners to get the maximum benefit from it. Going through one long eLearning course would be a burdensome task for employees. Then in such a case, eLearning can be delivered as byte-sized modules. These byte-sized modules can be developed based on subject areas and training objectives.

Byte-sized learning for Compliance Training

Sales Training:

A company plans to release its new product into the market. There is a need to convey the product information quickly to their diverse sales force located in different regions. They can develop byte-sized learning modules about the product and deliver them through mobiles.

The list goes on!

Byte-sized Learning for Sales Training

Learning in such short modules not only makes your employees feel a sense of accomplishment but also makes them productive. Please do share your thoughts on the same!

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Take a Break! Have a Learning Byte!
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