Important Keyboard Shortcuts in Articulate Storyline


This blog post shares the list of keyboard shortcut keys in articulate storyline.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts in Articulate Storyline

Are you using Articulate Storyline for developing your eLearning courses? Want to know about keyboard shortcuts that can help you save time? Here is the list of shortcut keys that will be useful to you.

Shortcut keys:

1.Alt+HTo go to the home button of the menu
2.Alt+NTo go to the Insert button of the menu
3.Alt+GTo go to the Design button of the menu
4.Alt+AIf you need to add animations, this key takes you to the animations option
5.Alt+WIf you want to change your slide views, this key takes you to view the menu window
6.Alt+ETo open the help window
7.Alt+DTo Play or Pause the video while recording
8.Ctrl+dragTo copy and resize the selected objects on slide
9.Ctrl+ATo copy all the selected objects on the slide
10.Ctrl+BTo bold the selected text
11.Ctrl+CTo copy the selected text or object
12.Ctrl+DTo duplicate any selected object or text
13.Ctrl+ETo align text to the top
14. Ctrl+FTo spot any word on the slide
15. Ctrl+GTo group multiple objects, for example images, text (we can’t group audio files)
16.Ctrl+ITo italicize the text on the slide
17.Ctrl+JTo insert picture on the slide
18.Ctrl+KTo open the trigger wizard window to assign trigger
19. Ctrl+LTo align the text to left
20. Ctrl+MTo open the Insert slidewindow
21. Ctrl+NTo create a new storyline file
22.Ctrl+OTo open an existing storyline file
23.Ctrl+RTo aligns text to the right
24.Ctrl+STo saves the current project
25.Ctrl+TTo insert a text box
26. Ctrl+PTo publish to the word format
27. Ctrl+UTo underline selected text
28. Ctrl+VTo paste anything that is copied recently
29. Ctrl+WTo close the scene
30. Ctrl+YTo go to the last-performed stage
31. Ctrl+ZTo undo the changes
32. Ctrl+EnterTo open up the format shape window
33. Ctrl+F12To preview the current slide
34. Shift+F9To show or hide grid lines
35. Shift+F12To preview the current scene
36. Shift+F10To open the properties of the selected object
37. Shift+dragTo move or resize the object
38. Alt+dragTo resize the object in pixels
39. Ctrl+Mouse WheelTo zoom in and zoom out
40. Ctrl+ArrowTo move the selected object by one pixel
41. Ctrl+Shift+ArrowTo resize the selected object by one pixel
42. Ctrl+Shift+CTo copy the format of the selected object
43. Ctrl+Shift+VTo paste the copied format of the selected object
44. Ctrl+Shift+GTo ungroup the selected group
45. Ctrl+Shift+EnterTo open the size and position window
46. EscTo save the recorded video
47. Alt+F4To close storyline
48. Print ScreenTo take screenshots
49. HomeTo move the drag point in the timeline to the start (when the timeline is selected)
50. EndTo move the drag point in the timeline to the end (when the timeline is selected)
51. CTo add a marker that is called cue point in the timeline. (This helps in making identification on the timeline and very helpful to synchronize audio.)
52.SpacebarTo pause and play the timeline in the normal view
53.F1To go to the help page
54.F2To select the text in the text box
55.F3To go to the normal view
56. F4To go to the slide master
57. F5To go to the feedback master
58.F7To find spelling errors
59.F10To publish the course
60. F12To preview the entire project

These are some shortcut keys that might be of some help to you. Have some more? Please add on to the list.

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