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Differences between Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio 13

Articulate Inc’s two wonderful tools – Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio 13, have been doing wonders.The fundamental difference between these two tools is that Storyline is a standalone authoring tool, whereas Articulate Studio 13 is a PowerPoint plugin. I’ve worked on both these tools. So, I thought it would be helpful to explain the differences between the two tools.

  Articulate Storyline Articulate Studio 13
Software Articulate Storyline is a standalone software. Articulate studio 13 is built into MS PowerPoint.
Animations Storyline supports only a limited number of animations. All PowerPoint animations are supported by Articulate Studio 13.
Software Simulations You can develop simulations using Storyline. After recording video, you can develop watch, try and do simulations. Software simulations cannot be developed usingStudio 13.
Interactivities You can create any interactivity using layers, triggers, variables and states. You can use only 20 types of inetractivities in courses, developed using Studio 13.
Customized Interactivities Articulate Storyline creates any type of customized interactivities. Customized interactivities will not possible in studio 13.
In-built objects Storyline comes with in-built objects, such as buttons, hotspots, markers, data entry fields, mouse objects, light box and scroll panel. Articulate Studio 13 has no built-in objects.
Annotate PowerPoint slides Using Articulate Storyline, you cannot create annotations for PowerPoint slides. With Articulate Studio 13, you can create annotates for PowerPoint slides.
Customized Quizzes You can have customized quizzes in courses developed using Articulate Storyline. Articulate Studio 13 have limited quiz questions.
Full customized Templates You can have customized templates In studio 13 it is not possible to create customized templates.
Course certification You can include learner course certification for a course. In studio 13 learner certification is not possible.
Course background music Back ground music is not supported by Storyline. Background music is supported by Studio 13.

These are difference between these two tools, Storyline is ideal if you want to create highly interactive courses, whereas Studio is ideal if you want to quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses. Hope you find this blog useful.

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