When will Blended Learning be Right for you? [Infographic]

Training, always referred to employees being congregated in classrooms or conference rooms where an instructor or a subject matter expert (SME) shared knowledge. It was a one-way process, with knowledge transmitted from the instructor to the learner. The instructor played a key role in the process and the successful outcome of any training solely resided on the capabilities of the instructor. Possibly because, there was very little scope for interaction. This was also true with any other form of knowledge transfer that existed – books, newspapers, radio, and television.

Training, in today’s context, is a collaborative experience with scope for interactions at different levels and through different media. This has led to what we have been hearing a lot lately – hybrid mode learning, mixed-mode learning and a more common blended learning. It refers to training where you use multiple media and formats – classroom training, eLearning, videos, podcasts, wikis, discussion forums, and eBooks.

Check our infographic to know some instances when blended learning will be right for you.

When will Blended Learning be Right for you? [Infographic]

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