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Top 6 Websites to Send Fun Video eCards This Festive Season

December – the month we all love for bringing the festive season and the longest holiday season of the year. Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Year, all come together. Each of us completely enjoys this month, hosting and attending parties, visiting family and friends, and shopping till we drop. We also buy gifts or cards for our friends and families as we want to bring a smile to their faces and make their festive season memorable.

Now-a-days, short video eCards are trending all over the Internet. They have almost replaced the normal cards. I’m sure you too would love to send such video eCards to your loved ones. Here are 6 cool websites you can check out to do just that.

1. JibJab

JibJab is said to have one of the Web’s best collections of customizable video eCards, with music, that are worth sharing. From political satires to offbeat eCards, this website has it all to make your loved ones happy. JibJab also gives you an option to use photographs of real peoples’ faces in the animated JibJab videos. While only some eCards on this site are free, you must be a paid JibJab user to access all the amazing eCards. The good news is that membership costs only a dollar per month and you will have unlimited access to all video eCards available on the site.

2. Animoto

Animoto is a cool website that helps you create photo slideshows. It’s as simple as uploading photos of your loved ones or yourself, picking a song, and adding some text. Animoto will create an amazing photo slideshow video that is perfect to be shared as a video eCard. With a free Animoto account, you can make a 30-second video, while you can pay $3 to create a full-length video. You also have different subscription packages to utilize thousands of assets, depending on the price.

3. Invideo

For a little professional touch to your video eCard, invideo is a great website to hook on to. They have a massive repertoire of templates, including both big and small video options across many genres. So if you ever feel like making a custom video eCard for someone really special, or just to promote your food blog on Instagram, invideo is the right place to be. Although paid options are available, their free video templates do a pretty neat job too.

4. Hallmark eCards

While Hallmark eCards offers many eCards you have to pay for, there are plenty for free too. You can choose an occasion and pick any of the eCards with a “FREE” label. These eCards can be sent via email or shared on any social networking site.

If you want access to all the eCards, you must sign up for a subscription. Once you subscribe, you can enjoy the benefits of hundreds of popular characters, songs, premium eCards, and mini eCards. You can also schedule premium eCards for a complete year, in advance.

5. FlexClip

FlexClip is a free online eCard maker with numerous birthday, Christmas, New Year, Teacher’s day eCard templates. You are allowed to create a warming eCard for your beloved ones with this free eCard maker.

It only takes three steps to make an eCard on FlexClip with photos and music. Choose a ready template to get started, customize it as per your need with the text, music and filter you like, and then download the eCard video.

6. Rattlebox claims to be the best site on the web for free video eCards that are not boring. Yes, they are super funny and will put a smile on the face of whoever receives them. The best part is thatall the videos are completely free. While it’s not necessary to register on this website to enjoy its benefits, you can still do it.

The funny video e-cards include animated eCards, vintage films, and other humorous videos. Their fully customizable free online video eCards range from birthdays to weddings to every occasion. You can send these eCards easily via email, post them on your blogs, or share them on any social networking site.

Apart from these websites, you can also create your own video eCards using various multimedia tools you might know. If you’ve come across other websites to send free video eCards, do not forget to share with us.

Happy Holidays!

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