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10 Effective Tips to Enhance Learner Engagement in VILT [Infographic]

Do you remember the time when the notion of learning through a computer screen seemed as far-fetched as flying cars or teleportation? The traditional classroom setting with its tangible textbooks and face-to-face interactions stood as the hallmark of learning. Well, the tables have turned now. With the advent of the digital age, catalyzed by the Covid-19 era, different eLearning methods have taken the forefront of learning. One such method is Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT). It has predominantly shattered the age-old preconceived notions by making learning not just possible but also profoundly effective through electronic devices.

In this blog, we’ll take a brief look at the VILT approach, understanding what it is, then learn about its benefits, and finally explore how you can enhance learner engagement in your VILT sessions.

So without any delay, let’s roll!

What is Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) is an innovative approach in corporate training that leverages technology to deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences. VILT is a synchronous learning format that allows employees to participate in live training sessions facilitated by an instructor through online platforms. This is extremely beneficial in catering to the learning needs of a diverse, geographically dispersed workforce. It also provides the flexibility for remote learning.

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Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

VILT offers multiple benefits over the traditional Instructor-led Training (ILT). Some of the noteworthy benefits are:

Offers Flexibility and Accessibility

Imagine the odds where an important client meeting falls on the same day of scheduled training. Well, it would be a difficult choice for the learners but the choice is apparent too. Having chosen the client meeting, they would miss out on the opportunity of their own learning and growth. However, with Virtual Instrutor-led Training, your learners can skip this trouble as they can join the training from any location. This offers them the flexibility of location.

In the worst case scenario, if they miss the training completely, they can always gain access to the recordings of the training sessions. This reduces the stress and anxiety related to training sessions and fosters attention and understanding.

Ensures Cost-Effectiveness

VILT eliminates the need for traveling to a particular training venue, venue rentals, accommodations, refreshments, and physical training materials. This significantly reduces overall training costs and enables better resource allocation.

Supports Scalability

You had training planned for 100 employees but learners turned out to be 200. And now, you’re running out of chairs!! That smells like chaos. But with VILT, you’ll never have to face such a problem. It is easily scalable as learners can join the link from their own device and attend the training session.

Real-time Feedback

Learner: 2+2= 6

Instructor: No, 2+2=4

I know it’s really basic but I hope you get the point. During the live interactive VILT session, the immediate interaction between instructors and learners fosters real-time feedback and clarification. This real-time interaction, collaboration, and feedback helps learners to continue learning with a clear and solid basic foundation that enables them to grasp complex concepts in a better way.

Active Engagement

VILT goes beyond passive learning. It actively engages the learners throughout the training sessions in different ways. This active engagement is crucial for knowledge retention and application of the concepts. In Virtual Instructor-led Training, learners are not mere observers; they are active participants in their own learning journey. This enhances their understanding of the training material and improves professional development.

As we’ve seen, VILT has a plethora of benefits to offer. But gaining these benefits is only possible when learners actively engage with the material. So how can you ensure learner engagement in your Virtual Instructor-led Training sessions?

Let’s take a look!

10 Amazing Tips to Enhance Learner Engagement in VILT

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10 Tips to Enhance Learner Engagement in VILT

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To Sum It Up!

When it comes to effective, flexible, and accessible corporate training sessions, Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) can work wonders. It reduces the hassle and expenses associated with traditional classroom training and maximizes efficiency, productivity, and training ROI. But the key to all these benefits is learner engagement. You have the tips for that too. So what are you waiting for? Give VILT a try and ensure learner engagement like never-before. Check out our checklist to ensure a right start.

 Checklist Before Launching Your New VILT Program