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Three Steps to Content Chunking in eLearning – An INFOGRAPHIC

Introducing too much content at one go, may not meet the learning objectives, as it overloads the learner’s mind. Experimental psychologist George Miller found that “The Magic Number 7, plus or minus 2? Describes the number of ideas, facts, or issues that an average individual can hold in his working memory is 7 + 2. This is called the Rule of 7″.

As an Instructional Designer, you must understand the importance of chunking the content, in designing a customized eLearning course. For example, you must know where to stop for a particular lesson, how much of the content should be shown on-screen, and what information to be put in the audio?

Here is an infographic that gives us a good idea of what is content chunking and how does it help. The 3 steps of content chunking will give you a good start, if you are new to designing and delivering of eLearning courses.

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Three Steps to Content Chunking in eLearning

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