What are the Limitations of Social Media? [Infographic]


Here is an infographic that shares insights on limitations of social media.

What are the Limitations of Social Media? [Infographic]

Social media is a word that is being widely misrepresented a lot these days, but it is seldom understood by all! Social Media is trending to be a point of communication for like-minded persons who share, create or exchange information or ideas online. However, is it safe to be a part of social media? That’s the big question here!

The huge disadvantage of social networking is that it reduces or excludes face-to-face socialization.

The following info graphic exactly highlights the significant points such as identity theft, which means that because of the independence afforded by the virtual online world, individuals are unrestricted to produce imaginary identities and can pretend to be somebody else. People are being targeted for online scams; companies are ridiculed by unwanted negative feedback or publicity.

What are the Limitations of Social Media? [Infographic]

In addition, it also talks about how the concentration of employees has reduced the productivity as they are too busy updating their statuses or are checking their likes and friends list. The photographs that are posted on the social media are also not safe as they are morphed/tampered and misused for illegal activities. And God forbid, if your account on the social media is hacked, then all your privacy is lost. All your vital information is leaked online or used for illegal activities.

With all these disadvantages being discussed, social media marketing is a still a good way to do business marketing in certain industries. All you need is to know what your limitations are and how to get the best of this hyped social media!

So are you ready to join the world of social media?

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