Refresher Training at Workplace: Why and When?

Refresher Training at Workplace: Why and When?

Refresher Training at Workplace: Why and When

There is no saturation point in education – Thomas J. Watson, IBM founder

Do you agree that there always exists some knowledge that you need to get refreshed, even within your area of expertise? I am sure you would.

Most often refresher training is delivered in the areas of compliance, safety, quality, processes and procedures. Now, we will see why you need to refresh knowledge of your existing employees and when refresher training has to be delivered to them.


It is quite obvious that skills fade with time.There may be various reasons for this degradation of skills. Most often it is because of lack of regular usage of skills and choosing of alternative methods by the employees. Whatsoever the reasons may be, the needs for refresher training have to be identified and addressed, to ensure that the skills are updated and remain current. Let’s see why refresher training at workplace is important:

  • To retain the existing talent.
  • To keep pace with the new technologies.
  • To become the beneficiaries of the current innovations.
  • To get the best out of your people.
  • To update with the latest trends.
  • To bridge the gap between a millennial and a boomer.


Periodic refreshments in training would be a good idea, but most often refresher training can be called for even before the specified period, when the need arises. Generally, it is delivered in cycles once in every 3 months or 6 months. Usually this period is decided based upon the kind of job, the skills and the critical safety factors required to do the job. But how can you identify when your existing employees are in need of refresher training?

Here are some signs that help you get to know the need to deliver refresher training to your employees.

  • Repeatedly failing to complete the assigned tasks on/in time.
  • Poor response to training given.
  • Less output.
  • Unwilling and indifferent attitudes.
  • Frequent accidents and safety factors.
  • Finding it difficult to take-up/accept new concepts.

Thus, refresher training boosts up the self-confidence and morale of the employees. It is well-worth it to devote sufficient time to refresh your employees in current issues, to increase their competency, which ultimately increases the organization’s competency.

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