10 Reasons for High Dropout Rates in Online Learning Courses [Infographic]


Do you use e-learning to train your employees? Are you looking for ways to improve learner retention? Then, read on.

10 Reasons for High Dropout Rates in Online Learning Courses [Infographic]

E-learning is increasingly used by organizations as online courses are effective, affordable and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. But, many organizations are not able to realize these benefits offered by the online training medium due to a serious problem – high dropout rates.

How can you overcome this problem? What can you do to see that your learners participate in your online training programs enthusiastically and complete them successfully? Well, to improve levels of learner retention, it is essential to understand the reasons why people quit e-learning courses. Let us see what they are.

10 Reasons for High Dropout Rates in Online Learning Courses [Infographic]

Hope you find these tips useful. Do share your views.

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  • 11/03/2015 at 5:15 pm

    Though there are no solid statistics, a recent report in the Chronicle for Higher Education found that institutions report dropout rates ranging from 20 to 50% for distance learners. On the other hand, IHEP, the Institute for Higher Education Policy, did a comprehensive review of the research on the effectiveness of distance learning in 1999, where the higher dropout rates for distance learners was clearly mentioned. Well what could be the reasons for this significant fall?Corporate e-learners said their top reason for dropping a course was lack of time. Many had trouble completing courses from their desktops because of frequent distractions from co-workers. Some said they could only access the courses through the company’s Internet, so they couldn’t finish their assignments from home.

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