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Tips to Saving SME time with Rapid eLearning [Video]

Inputs from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are essential for eLearning, especially when the content is highly technical or industry-specific. This is because SMEs:

  • Have the required domain knowledge and are the best people to answer subject-related questions
  • Validate the accuracy of the content to be included in the training program
  • Review the developed eLearning courses to ensure that content has been properly dealt with

The 4 Rs of Rapid eLearning and Corporate Training

While SMEs may be domain experts and great at classroom training, they may not be very familiar with the ins and outs of instructional design that is so critical for online training. And SMEs are often hard-pressed for time. After all is said and done, developing eLearning courses is not their primary responsibility. In fact, eLearning gets pushed to the bottom in their list of priorities, as they never seem to find enough time to oversee the process.

However, given that the success of your project depends a lot on how well you collaborate with the SMEs, you need to find a way to minimize their involvement and time in the eLearning process.

The best way to get the SME involved is to help them help you.


  • Minimizing their touchpoints
  • Displaying samples of what you have in mind
  • Using online reviewing authoring tools

Here’s a video that explains how you can save SME time using online using authoring tools.

Parting Thoughts

There are times we find it difficult to get time from the SME for validating the content or reviewing storyboards or courses. As SMEs are busy people, it makes sense to respect their time. Find out how to make the most of their limited time in this eBook.

10 Tips to Save the SME’s Time (and Your Sanity!)