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5 Popular Advantages of E-learning

Today, most of the organizations, educational institutions, and corporate companies are using e-learning in a major way to train their students and employees. In some countries like United Kingdom, Spain and Benelux, nearly 40% of companies train more than 50% of their employees via e-learning. About 75% of companies use e-learning to deliver training on core professional skills. (Source: 1st European E-learning Barometer by Cross Knowledge).

The main goal of e-learning, along with other learning technology solutions, is to enhance the general way of learning to develop high-skilled, motivated and knowledgeable people.

Let’s look at the advantages of e-learning:

1. Flexibility:

The major advantage of e-learning is its flexibility; one can undergo training at his own comfort, pace, and time. This enables the learners to take training from his place of choice engages the dis-interested learners to go through the training at regular intervals.

2. Faster delivery:

E-learning courses take less delivery time when compared to the traditional training courses. Thus, in any e-learning course, a learner may choose the topic of his choice. Unlike classroom training e-learning allows the learners to start the course immediately anywhere anytime.

3. Easy to update:

Updates can be rolled out instantly and easily with the help of online training, any changes can be done within the course faster.

4. Cost effective:

Printing and travelling costs can be saved as the learner takes the course online and there is no need of any training material as such. Thus, helps learners to save their time and money. Thus, any e-learning course can be used multiple times with minimum delivery charges.

5. Increased retention:

Most of the e-learning courses include images, audio, and video. Learners retain more information from both text and pictures than from text alone. This will increase the learner’s retention and makes the course more effective.

Thus, e-learning is becoming an extension of traditional forms of learning due to its many advantages.

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