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4 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing the Creation of Rapid E-Learning

Do you have tight timelines for e-learning development? Is your training budget shrinking? Do you lack expertise in e-learning authoring tools? Then it’s time for you to think about outsourcing the development of rapid e-learning.

What is rapid e-learning?

Rapid e-learning is the production of e-learning swiftly without using complicated software. When the e-learning content is ready, developing that into a functional course using authoring tools is called rapid e-learning. It takes less time and is cost-effective. It is very helpful to train your employees on new products, frequently updated products, policy changes, and more.

So, let’s check the four important factors you need to consider before outsourcing the rapid e-learning development process. If the vendor or e-learning developer meets the criteria mentioned below, then you have found the right e-learning partner and can safely place your course content in their hands for development.

The four factors to consider

1. Ability to Meet Tight deadlines

End-to-end e-learning design and development demands much of your time. Some learning projects have tight deadlines. To save time, you can go for rapid e-learning. Outsourcing the development part reduces half of your working hours. You can concentrate more on crucial matters such as Instructional Design strategies. With rapid e-learning, you can have a faster turnaround time.

You can develop e-learning courses within weeks with rapid e-learning against the end-to-end e-learning process. It will take up to 240 work hours to develop a one hour standard e-learning when you follow the Successive Approximation Model (SAM). In rapid e-learning, converting the designed e-learning content into a functional interactive course will take only 40 hours.

If the e-learning developer has a track record of successfully completing projects within weeks and meeting tight timelines, you can shortlist him for outsourcing.

2. Ability to Work with Limited Budget

Rapid e-learning is more cost-effective. Many organizations won’t spend much budget on training. If your training budget is shrinking, then outsourcing your e-learning development is a better option. When you compare the costs, a lower budget is sufficient for rapid e-learning development. Standard end-to-end e-learning costs you US $ 6000 to 7000 per hour. If it is rapid e-learning, the budget can come down to US $ 3500-4000 for one hour course development.

If a vendor gives a fair price quote, check the quality of his sample courses– when these factors meet your criteria, you can select him as your e-learning partner.

3. Authoring Tools Expertise

Rapid authoring tools help you in faster e-learning development. You need authoring tools expertise to provide effective and engaging e-learning experiences to your users. Each tool has different features and capabilities to suit unique purposes. If you don’t know how to choose the right tool specific e-learning courses, you will miss the value. In that case, outsourcing the development of rapid e-learning is good for you.

Rapid authoring tools have some specific features such as assessments, provision for feedback, collaboration, and interactive elements. Your e-learning developer or vendor should have comprehensive knowledge of these. In addition to this, using templates will increase the speed of course development.

So, know the authoring tool expertise of the vendor beforehand through discussions. If you are satisfied with his knowledge on the tools, you can shortlist him for your rapid e-learning development project.

4. Has a Full-fledged Development Team

If you have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Instructional Designers (IDs), a few multimedia designers, and narrators, but do not have a strong development team, then going for rapid e-learning is a wise decision. When you outsource the development of rapid e-learning, you don’t need a band of production expertise for developing the functional course and programmers to do some back-end coding.

If the e-learning developer has a full-fledged development department and programmers, you can select him to outsource the creation of rapid e-learning.

Hope you find the right e-learning partner for your rapid e-learning development with the help of the given factors. Focusing on the learning goals and utilizing the right authoring tool for each specific purpose will make your rapid e-learning a great success. All the best for your future rapid e-learning projects. If you need further help with this, feel free to contact us.1

[1]CommLab India

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