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Outsourcing E-learning: Benefits for Corporate Training

E-learning can prove to be the right training choice for any organization, if it is implemented correctly; however, that’s easier said than done. The reality is that training managers face innumerable challenges in e-learning implementation.

“E-learning doesn’t just ‘happen’! It requires careful planning and implementation” – Anonymous

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Consider a scenario where an organization is involved in training hospitality professionals. Meeting the training demands of different sectors in the hospitality industry is only possible through a custom e-learning solution.

E-learning development requires the collaboration of different skill sets an organization might not have in-house. Building a new team to do the job would require investment in terms of time and money.

In such a scenario, outsourcing e-learning content development offers the perfect solution.

This blog explores some of the benefits that outsourcing an e-learning program brings to corporate training.

Helps Leverage Expertise

One of the biggest benefits offered by outsourcing an e-learning project is that it helps training managers roll out a better quality training program. When you partner with the right e-learning vendor, you gain access to the expertise offered by the best in the industry.

Apart from designing an online training program that ranks high on quality, it also means that the resources in your company can focus on other tasks. The tasks involved right from development to implementation are taken care of by the vendor.

Reduces Cost

When you outsource your e-learning program, you save on manpower as well as training costs. You have access to talent pools that meet your requirement. What’s more, they come at a fraction of the cost that you would have incurred if you had to hire them in-house.

To understand the economics of outsourcing, Bersin & Associates gathered data from 106 companies, among which half of them outsourced part of their training functions.

The results of the analysis proved that corporates that outsourced training needs spent 31% less on annual training expenditure per learner. Also, they have 26% less staff per 1000 learners as compared to corporates that do not outsource their training requirements.

Comparison of Saving on Total Expenditure and Resources

  In-house Training Outsourcing % Cost Reduction
Total Expenditure per Learner $1,191 $827 31%
Total Training Staff per 1000 Learners 10.5 Resources 7.8 Resources 26%

Offers a Quick Turnaround

When you outsource the e-learning requirements of your organization, you have a dedicated team that is working toward project completion in the shortest possible time.

When you partner with the right e-learning vendor, you are offered a quick turnaround on the outsourced project.

Increases Efficiency

Outsourcing e-learning requirements helps corporates focus on core business activities. Focusing on core competencies can help streamline resources and lead to increased efficiency at work. Training managers can deal with aligning learning strategies with organizational goals while the e-learning vendor focuses on making the content informative and engaging.

Improves Geographic Reach

A corporate training team needs to address the training requirements of employees who may be in different geographical areas and performing different roles.

For example, if an organization wants an e-learning program to train employees working in US, China, and UAE, it would make sense to outsource the e-learning program to a vendor who has the expertise in offering e-learning programs in the native languages. This is because training delivered in the native language is more efficient.

Considering the benefits that outsourcing e-learning can bring to corporate training, it is not surprising to note that outsourcing is here to stay. Outsourcing e-learning is one way of thinking outside the box to arrive at innovative training solutions.  All that corporates need to do, is to select the right e-learning vendor.

Have you made a note of any other benefit that outsourcing e-learning has brought in your organization? Please do share through the Comments section.

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