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10 Must-Have Elements in a Structured Online Learning Journey [Infographic]

Haven’t we all heard that it’s always about the journey and not the destination? It’s the same for learning as well. Simply dumping content in an online format doesn’t make learning effective. What matters is designing and developing content, keeping in mind adult learning principles and strong instructional design.

If learning has to be an enriching experience, work on crafting a memorable learning journey. Wondering how to do this? 

  • Begin by building learners’ interest in the course. Create a buzz around the online training program. This should make learners want to take the course.
  • Once learners get started with the course, capture their attention by including interesting facts, stories, anecdotes, or thought-provoking questions.

Including these two elements in a structured online learning journey can give your employees a good start on the training you want them to complete. But this is not all, there are eight other elements that can be included to provide an effective learning experience – from start to finish. What are the other elements? Check this infographic to get a complete picture of the 10 must-have elements in a structured online learning journey.

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10 Must-have Elements in a Structured Online Learning Journey [Infographic]

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