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How to Integrate Microlearning into your Current Training Strategy [Infographic]

With microlearning, learning is just at your arm’s reach. Learn quickly from the comfort of your home or on your morning commute, through your smartphone. Short bursts of learning that can be immediately applied at work works wonderfully well to keep learners engaged in the learning process. Reinforcement of learning is faster too.

Learners mainly look for relevance and quality of the learning content and if it can be presented in different formats, that’s an additional advantage. Microlearning can be presented in a variety of formats, ranging from simple PDFs, infographics, simulations, to interactive videos. But the thumb rule is to let ‘form follow function’, i.e., your choice of microlearning format is dependent on the purpose that it is intended to serve.

Here’s an infographic that tells you how to integrate microlearning in your training strategy.

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Microlearning: Integrating it in your Training Strategy

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The pandemic has no doubt changed corporate training, forcing you to rethink your training strategies. With the world’s economy trying to regain its footing, businesses are more competitive than ever.



As you navigate these testing times, microlearning can help you maintain a competitive edge and maximize the value of your training efforts.

How can you get started with microlearning to achieve organizational goals? To find out, download this free eBook.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?