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Why is Microlearning a Good Fit for Gen Z Learners [Infographic]

Microlearning benefits your corporate learners – of all age groups. Learners who are born after 1996 can hardly do anything without using technology. Be it waking up in the morning [alarm], reading news [online portals], or being reminded of a friend’s birthday [notifications] – everything is through technology, and everything is online.

Here’s everything you need to know about microlearning to boost your employee performance

So, we must leverage technology [mobile devices] to train them, to make the best use of it. But why are we talking about mobile devices here? Because what’s better than microlearning to provide training on mobile devices?

Microlearning is small, bite-sized information that is chunked from lengthy eLearning. It’s a training approach that caters to the short attention spans of both Gen Y and Gen Z. It’s important for you to also understand what microlearning is not, so here’s what it is NOT:

  • Just chunking content
  • A Replacement for eLearning
  • Limited to videos
  • Only for knowledge reinforcement
  • Ideal for every learning situation

Microlearning becomes a perfect fit as performance support, job-aids, or even when you want to make your corporate training a quick blend of classroom training with microlearning assets. There are various microlearning assets you can pick from—animations, infographics, GIFs, digital flashcards—and all these assets go well with mobile learning.

Now that you’ve learned the what, the what not, and the how of microlearning for corporate training, here’s a peek at how it can benefit your Gen Z learners. Have a look!

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Microlearning to Boost Your Gen Z Learners Training

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Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?