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The Importance of Learning Objectives in Developing E-learning Courses [Infographic]

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What does it take to ensure your e-learning course improves employee performance to achieve the desired business goals? You have to see the training is effective and addresses learners’ needs. Training design and development starts after you identify and define the performance gaps and training needs. When instructional designers settle down to develop a course, the first thing they do is frame learning objectives. What are learning objectives and why are they important in developing e-learning courses?

A learning objective is a precise and explicit statement that describes, in measurable terms, what the learner will be able to do after taking a course. They guide learners along the right track in the course and keep them aligned with the expected outcomes. They also help define the scope of the course, instructional strategy, evaluation methodology, duration and cost.

To know more about the importance of learning objectives in developing e-learning courses, check out our infographic below.

The Importance of Learning Objectives in Developing E-learning Courses [Infographic]

Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design - Part 1


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