What Is E-learning? – Is It Just a Glorified PPT?

What Is E-learning? - Is It Just a Glorified PPT?

What Is E-learning? - Is It Just a Glorified PPT?

What is e-learning? Is it just adding audio narration to a PowerPoint deck and publishing it to the web, using authoring tools such as Articulate Studio? The answer is a big NO. A good online course is much more than a mere PowerPoint presentation used in an instructor-led session with audio. Here’s why.

1. Classroom PowerPoint presentations contain only about 50% of the learning content

Most PowerPoint presentations used in trainer-led sessions contain only about 50% of the content, presented to learners. The remainder is conveyed to learners in the form of anecdotes, examples, stories, and elaborations by the instructor. So, when you convert a classroom PPT into an online course, you must gather the “missing” 50% of the content to ensure the course has a smooth, logical flow.

2. Content in PowerPoint slides is often not organized effectively

In a vast majority of cases, learning materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations contain slides merely lined up to display content. The content in these PPT decks must be organized in a systematic manner before they are converted to web-based learning materials. For instance, a 200-slide PowerPoint presentation on the Sarbanes-Oxley (SoX) Act must be divided into topics such as auditor independence, corporate responsibility, corporate fraud and accountability, etc. Each topic must be further broken down into microlearning modules, addressing specific learning objectives. For example, the topic auditor independence can be divided into various modules such as:

  • Services outside the scope of auditors’ practice
  • Pre-approval requirements
  • Audit partner rotation
  • Conflicts of interest

 3. PPT presentations lack interactivities, critical to self-paced learning

Self-paced digital learning resources must actively involve staff members in the learning process to be successful. This can be done using a variety of interactive learning elements such as drag and drop, selecting answers to questions, clicking on images and numbers. PowerPoint presentations are devoid of these elements, as they are used in a classroom setting. So, you must incorporate online learning interactivities before they are published online.

4. PowerPoint presentations used in instructor-led sessions don’t contain assessments

Seldom will you find assessments in PowerPoint presentations. This is because a trainer orally questions his learners during the classroom session. So, when you convert a PPT file into a web-based course, you must make sure to add assessments to the course to measure learners’ achievement of the learning outcomes. This helps reinforce learning and allows learners to check whether they have understood the content.

We thus see that an e-learning course is much more than a PowerPoint presentation used in a classroom. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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