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Instructional Design Review for Quality eLearning

One of the key challenges in preparing an online course is to get it right from the first draft because when the final course is launched for the learners it must be accurate, readable and without any errors. This can be done by including a review phase. It is an important phase for the success of the eLearning course developed.

The review phase can include the following reviews:

  • Editorial Review
  • Instructional Design Review
  • Subject Matter Experts Review
  • Quality Assurance Review

Here we will look at the checklist for Instructional Design Review. The instructional design review should include the following:


The instructional designer reviews the storyboards to check whether appropriate unit introductions, objectives, and summaries for every unit have been included in order to have a proper structure for the course.

Clarity of content:

To check the clarity of the content – whether all terms and concepts are accurately defined in the course. Assess the usability and learnability of the course content.


To see whether the terms used are appropriate for the instruction and for the concepts and ensure uniformity of their usage throughout the course developed.

Clarity of graphics:

To check whether the graphics used within the course convey the required message and are relevant to the content. The review also makes sure the audio script is in sync with the graphics used.


To understand whether there is a proper transition from one screen to the other. The review also ensures that the instructional flow from one segment to another has a logical semblance without any disconnect.

To summarize, an instructional design review enables detection of quality problems during the development phase itself and thereby saves valuable time. It helps maintain the desired quality consistently throughout the eLearning program. Finally, it is a good practice for the instructional designers to have their storyboard reviewed by their peers or their functional head.

nstructional Design 101: A Handy Reference Guide to eLearning Designers