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Important Aspects of a Good Design in E-learning courses

Always remember that design communicates the message and not the message itself. Instructional design and visual design are the critical components of communication in an eLearning course. When used effectively, these go a long way in delivering high-quality training. The design of an online course should be engaging, learner-friendly and match the objective of the course at the same time.

In this post, we will look at the important aspects of good design in eLearning courses.

Simple and consistent navigation: 

Navigation is one of the critical factors that can make or mar an online course. The eLearning course should allow learners to effortlessly sail through the course and not pose problems moving around it. Course navigation icons need to be present at the same place on all slides and in the same color, size and font.

Logical flow:

Organize and structure the course content by grouping the content into logical modules. Divide the content into smaller chunks, so that learners easily follow and connect to individual pieces of content. Include only the information that the learner needs to know.

Less is more:

Less content and graphics mean more learning. Minimal text on the screen and language that is simple and conversational will make your course lively and learner friendly. The key to using images is that they should not only support but also enhance the value of your content.

Balanced text and graphics:

Using too much text or only visuals may not facilitate effective retention of knowledge. Images should complement textual content and enhance learning value. Make sure that there is no cognitive load.

Key take-away on every screen:

Every screen should carry a summary of the content that has been discussed on the screen. And, the one key point that learners need to remember from the content shared.

To conclude, the goal of a good design is to make the content more meaningful and draw the learner’s attention to important elements. An eLearning course with a good design communicates the right message to the target audience. What do you think?

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