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Discover 5 Famous Ted Talks on Learning

In today’s ever changing, corporate world, training and learning has become indispensable. Organizational training presents a great opportunity to increase the skill set and knowledge base of your entire workforce.

Employees who are trained well can perform their jobs better. They not only become aware of efficient processes to perform tasks better but also of all related safety and compliance issues. Effective learning programs also boost employee confidence as they have a better insight about the industry as well as the responsibilities of their job.

If you want your employees to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry, then continuous learning and training is the key. This way, employees can stay on top of changing industry standards and help your company become a strong competitor or even a leader within the industry.

However, for organizational training to make this impactful change, technology should be leveraged using the latest, and most effective e-learning strategies. The great news is that just like any professional field, organizational learning is also evolving by leaps and bounds. Innovative methods have replaced old ones to increase the reach of training. There is a conscious effort to move away from one-sided exchange of information and toward involving employees in the learning process.

Want to know about the latest and greatest trends in the learning industry? Want to know what the experts are saying and doing when it comes to innovative learning? Explore these top 5 Ted Talks that will give you a new perspective on learning:

1.  Peter Weinstock – Life-Like Simulations That Make Real-Life Surgery Safer

In this interesting Ted talk, witness critical care doctor Peter Weinstock demonstrate how surgical teams are using a blend of Hollywood special effects and 3D printing to create amazing reproductions of real patients, and real surgical procedures.

This allows doctors to practice risky surgeries ahead of the actual operation as many times as they want, till they feel confident about their skills. This method is certainly the future of surgical training. The same training principal can be modified a little and applied to more common training scenarios as well.

Watch the Talk here:

2. Ramsey Musallam – 3 Rules to Spark Learning

Ramsey Musallam is a chemistry teacher. In this inspiring Ted talk, learn how his life-threatening condition jolted him out of ten years of “pseudo-teaching”. He understood the true role of an educator: to cultivate curiosity.

In this fun and personal talk, Musallam gives the 3 rules to spark imagination and learning, which will get learners excited about how the world around them works. He states that learning should be driven by curiosity and not bland structures. Learners should be allowed to discover knowledge rather than it being enforced upon them. A good learning approach should always rediscover itself and adjust with to dynamic world.

Watch the Talk here:

3. Salman Khan – Let’s Use Videos to Reinvent Learning

Watch Salman Khan talk about how and why he created the Khan Academy. His academy offers complete curricula in math and other subjects, through carefully structured series of educational videos.

In this Ted Talk, he rightly shows the power of interactive video-based exercises, and even calls for teachers and instructors to consider flipping the traditional classroom i.e., give learners video lectures or other self-study material to work with at home, and do “homework” in the classroom with the instructor available to help.

Watch the Talk here:

4. Daphne Bavelier – Your Brain On Video Games

In this Ted Talk, discover how fast-paced video games affect the brain. Step into the lab of cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier and be prepared to turn your notions about video games around.

Gaming is a task that should no longer be associated with children’s pastime and its educational proficiency should be thoroughly embraced. Daphne gives us surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help people learn, focus, and multitask. It is high time you embrace game-based content in organizational training as well.

Watch the Talk here:

5.  Ken Robinson – How to Escape Education’s Death Valley

Watch this Ted Talk by Ken Robinson with an open mind and consider how we function in adult learning. The goal in so many organizational courses is to create uniformity and thereby create a workforce of “perfectly-performing, exactly-acting, brand-aligning employees” who do exactly as organizations want them to.

But if we keep following the same pattern, eventually we will be faced with a leadership crisis. If we wish to create better employees who can lead companies to success, we should start treating everyone as a leader right from the start.

Watch the Talk here:

Watch these inspiring talks to broaden your horizon when it comes to enhancing your organizational learning.

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