4 Elements of an ID Strategy – An Infographic


Here is an infographics that shares insights on what are the key elements of an instructional design strategy.

4 Elements of an ID Strategy - An Infographic

Instructional Design (ID) strategy is the high level approach, followed to teach a particular subject. To be more specific, it constitutes a set of events which are designed to support the internal processes of learning with the given resources and parameters. It is important to have an ID strategy for your eLearning course to achieve your learning goals.

You need to have clear learning objectives and set goals to formulate an effective design strategy. They are four key elements of an ID strategy. Let’s see more about them.

Given these components, how do you come up with an instructional strategy? The answer lies in understanding the types of strategies.

4 Elements of an ID Strategy – An Infographic
Hope you find this post interesting. How do you develop first-rate eLearning courses? We’d love to know.

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