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The Ultimate 5-Point Checklist to Select an Ideal eLearning Outsourcing Vendor

A learner-centric eLearning course needs to be well-designed and developed with the aid of instructional design strategies. It also needs to have appropriate learning content, interactive media elements, and engaging learning strategies. However, the process of designing and creating eLearning courses takes time, and the increased demand for training in the modern age necessitates a speedy roll-out of eLearning courses to ensure continuous training and the best way to go about it is to leverage rapid eLearning!

Creating an eLearning course rapidly involves prompt inputs from instructional designers, visual designers, and others. And not to forget budget constraints which also contribute to why many organizations opt for eLearning outsourcing to develop their courses rather than managing a talented and diverse in-house team.

Reasons Whys Organizations Choose eLearning Outsourcing
As a result, choosing an eLearning vendor should not be a hasty decision since the outsourced content forms the foundation of an eLearning course.

5- Point Checklist to Select the Right eLearning Outsourcing Vendor

Let’s look at some checkboxes to tick when choosing an eLearning outsourcing vendor

1. Rapid eLearning Expertise

The outsourcing vendor must have expertise in eLearning and eLearning must be their core business so that they offer the best quality rapid eLearning solutions instead of mediocre ones. When rapid eLearning is their primary area of focus, their expertise is reflected in their development and delivery of the eLearning courses. It’s crucial to work with a seasoned vendor who has a track record of successfully completing quick eLearning projects and is supported by a solid understanding of instructional design, authoring tools, Learning Management Systems, trends in the L&D space, and more.

The outsourcing vendor must be an expert in eLearning and it must be their primary business. When rapid eLearning is their key field of focus, their knowledge is evident in the way the eLearning courses are developed and delivered.

Check each prospective eLearning vendor if:

  • eLearning is their primary area of focus is eLearning
  • The skill sets and expertise of their team meet the current industry standards to work on rapid eLearning development.
  • Their eLearning service can incorporate microlearning or gamification in addition to the use of high-quality graphics and audio.

eLearning Components that can be Outsourced

2. Project Management Skills

While selecting an eLearning vendor, it’s crucial to consider how they handle the project. So, evaluating their way of working is important. An ideal eLearning vendor follows a set iterative process to ensure smooth communication and efficient management of schedules, costs, and resources.  This greatly reduces the chances of chaos and confusion.

A rapid eLearning outsourcing vendor with strong project management skills is a must since they will be equipped to work efficiently even in tight deadlines. Choose a vendor who can interact with all project participants frequently and function as an extension of the project team.

  • Determine whether the eLearning vendor keeps open lines of communication for discussions, feedback, and modifications at different stages of the process.
  • Make sure the turnaround time is quick and there are no delays or rework.
  • Consider how they handled the change in the project’s scope.

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3. AI Tools Expertise

Nowadays, it’s crucial to find a vendor who is stuffed with knowledge about the application of artificial intelligence in eLearning. The vendor must have the expertise and access to modern technologies required to integrate AI into your eLearning projects. This keeps your eLearning course current with cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

An ideal vendor would have a portfolio that lists all its prior artificial intelligence-based project work. It is essential and a sign of high-quality work when a vendor is familiar with a variety of AI tools and technologies and has teams made up of people from different backgrounds, such as data analysts and programmers. These details are indicators of excellent work.

See if the outsourcing partner’s AI tools provide the following:

  • Content generation to decrease the burden of producing content from scratch.
  • Personalization through advanced analytics to evaluate performance and track learning progress.
  • Accessibility in learning to provide a comfortable learning experience to those with disabilities through features like voice commands, transcripts, etc.

4. Data Privacy and Security

While choosing an eLearning outsourcing vendor, keep in mind the privacy and security of your data. At every stage of the project development, there’s some kind of confidential data to be shared with the eLearning outsourcing vendor. Choose a vendor which offers ways to safeguard sensitive information. Furthermore, data security has now become a legal requirement when outsourcing. As a result, organizations are now required by law to have adequate mitigation strategies in place in case of data breaches.

  • Ensure the eLearning vendor is aware of your IP rights and privacy policies.
  • Make the eLearning vendor sign a nondisclosure agreement to comply with the guidelines established by your organization.

5. Cost Efficiency

The benefit of eLearning outsourcing is that it allows an organization to stay up to date with industry trends without having to shell out a lot of money. The saved time and effort can be instead spent on more important aspects to expand and grow the organization. So, save time while also saving money by outsourcing.

When outsourcing rapid eLearning design and development, the overall cost needs to be considered in addition to considering the quality. When both are aligned, be assured of a good outsourcing experience.

  • Select an eLearning vendor who clearly state the services and costs and do not have any hidden budgets.
  • Choose an eLearning vendor based on the type, scope, and the available budget for your training needs.

Wrapping it up!

Outsourcing rapid eLearning is a huge advantage for your organization for developing high-quality, learner-centric courses within your preferred timeframe and budget. So, to ensure the success of your eLearning outsourcing initiatives, it is crucial to make the right choice.  Set your expectations up front and make the wise choice because when you know how to select an ideal eLearning outsourcing vendor, it turns out to be a game changer, and to help you with that, this checklist will surely come in handy!

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